How to Play

A treasure chest coin can be found hidden near each letter clue. This confirms you’re in the right spot.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Print out the 9 clues or open them on your phone. You can find them in a printable PDF here, or on a web page, with a few hints and tips here.
  2. Work out where in Whitstable I am walking, and look out for the landmarks to follow the path of my walk. The clue description will signal where to find a clue letter.
  3. If you’ve found the right spot you’ll know because you’ll find a secret coin close to the letter location.
  4. Write down the letter. You need to collect 9 in total, there is one letter to find per clue.
  5. When you’ve collected the letters work out the secret Whitstable location they reveal.
  6. Go to the mystery location to look for the final coin. There will be instructions revealing how to enter the prize draw.