The Clues and How to Solve Them

Look out for these coins!

The Whitstable Walker has designed 9 tricky clues, solve them to collect 9 letters. You should find a secret treasure chest coin near each letter to confirm you’re in the right place. Please leave the coin in place for other players, it’s not valuable!

Decipher the word, or words, that the letters describe, then go to that place to look for instructions.

How to solve each clue?

You should Look for a hint to the starting point in the first line or two. Eg ‘High’ might refer to some Whitstable place that is High, ‘puss in boots’ might refer to a shop called Puss etc! Sometimes a little Google research or knowledge of local history or scientific areas may help find the starting place. If you want a bit of help a version of the clues with hints can be found here.

You will need to go to the location to confirm your idea, then follow the walk to solve the entire clue.

The clues below are not listed in any particular order. Enjoy your walks and good luck! A PDF printout of the clues is available from the button below.

The animals clue

I think of puss in boots, though this puss isn’t quite in there. It’s fun to see someone so special with three dogs and a cat. Next, I spot a pig and a fish. There are more animals in a shop window but they’re not so pretty. Is that an unexpected penguin? Next, I see a horse. There is a choice of three roads to take, which way do I go? I walk past another, the same as the last. There’s even a musical dog! High up I find a lobster. Then a crowd, I count eight species. Then finally I stop to admire some crustaceans near a river. You need to write down the fourth letter of the river’s name if you plan to claim the treasure.

The fishy clue

I begin by thinking about the price of crawfish and wondering about a sideways sign. I admire a whiskered fish, he’s studying a yellow man. I count 6 squares and then there is something more. A  creature makes me smile but the poor chap doesn’t have a bean. I go on and find pebbles, there’s plenty to look at here. I see a star and a face. You need to find a flower from 2010. Take the middle letter and write it down.

The haberdasher clue

Do you know the history of the haberdasher, who dabbled in politics and collected art? He helped the needy at this spot. There’s a foul sewer near the phone box. I find gas, electricity, salt, toilets and a bin. I admire a gate with metal leaves. You’re going the right way if you follow the arrow.  If you’re lucky you might see a giant pine cone.  I look at baskets of interesting stuff. There are two birds on the roof. I think about sitting down to contemplate a lovely local wood, but I move on. I count 5 benches. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you find a small brass perry lock. Is this walk a grade A or grade B? You don’t turn here, but at the next. So, what is not a solid or a liquid? If you’re lucky you might see a squirrel. Keep going until you find rust. Look for the man, and note his colour. You’ll need to write down the first letter of this colour if you want to win the treasure.

The view clue

If I’d stood in this exact spot a hundred years ago I’d have seen three churches. I pass a faded promotion for a bad habit, and then a shiny old place to purchase these. I move to a place where I see three white horses. I stop and remember the bombardiers and more. I continue and see a statue, close to here you’ll find X marks the spot. But this isn’t the end of my journey. Some frog musicians entertain me, playing in the trees. There’s an interesting wall embedded with meaning, but I move on, I need to stay on track. I enjoy the sight of bright holly berries. I find a winged gargoyle admiring the view. I see butterflies and lizards as I follow a wooded path. Two seats display four shapes that look like the letter you need.   

The follow the star clue

I always wondered what the Latin word on this High building meant. At this, the threshold, of my journey, I see four stone flowers. I move to follow the star, then find the darkness. You need to be brave here. Look for a broken tree, and a wonky lamp in pride of place. Next you need to find two mirrors. The thought of laundry unexpectedly pops into my head. I consider Ulysses the president, the Folies Bergère and the Cutty Sark. I see a beautiful tree, it must be many years old. Nearby is a leaning tree, and it means my goal is in sight. I find two number fives, and a five times twenty.  Exactly there you need to take the second letter. Write it down. To find the treasure collect this letter and the other eight.

The buildings clue

I begin by considering some imprisoned bins. They might like to enjoy some recreation if they weren’t behind those bars. I notice unexpected roman pillars. As I step onto the mud the sight of a flag lifts my mood. This is a round about way to reach a goal, but I’m going to get there. I find the right benches and soon I’m surprised to see sails turning in the wind. There’s a faithful lock but I don’t know what it guards. They even cage the trees around here. I see two metal poles and there’s no sign of a reason. I’m at a crossroads now. I find a place with five trees and look for a chair from 1920. I take the first letter of that one.

The lanterns clue

I start by admiring a trapezium garden decorated  with lanterns. There are exotic plants round about. I hurry past a naked man, then at the end of the road I go the direction that’s fab.

There are two bars with lights on top, and a post keeping warm. My favourite balcony was built in 1900. I marvel at two giant exotic fruit. In 1894 you could walk out on this, but I go in the opposite direction. Look for a map and head towards the yellow door. You’ll pass a road that might remind you of the treasure prize. I laugh at a seagull, it reminds me of the good things in my town. I reach my destination, a thing that’s a balance of light and dark. I take the sixth letter of the name on the sign.

The ‘have the second’ clue

At a windy corner I see two ways to contact friends. There’s a window that isn’t the usual shape. Soon I start to wonder about a faded London engineer, but ladies and gents we must go onwards and upwards. I see colours, pretty colours, blue, green, yellow, green, blue, pink. I don’t know the significance of 1519 so I move on. I look through a window to see Ramsgate. It’s not narrow on this road. Two pyramid roofs intrigue me. I mind the gap, and note the stranded vessels. Did I just hear a cat? I’ve almost celebrated the end of my walk, but it’s not the first place of this sort it’s the second. It’s closed like they all are. I take the first letter of that place and write it down.

A pig of a clue

I start at the sign of a scientific site. Do pigs eat that vegetable? It’s not a carrot. I wonder why there’s a lampshade in the sea. I head towards it, but I don’t get wet. I see a bush monster. I look up and wonder if that hole was ever filled. I find three flags that make me feel safer. Then  there’s something like a picture frame without a picture. My feeling of safety is gone, as I wonder whether the groynes bite? I decide to move away, a friendly mermaid reassures me, the sun is shining. I think of the PM’s wife, then think ‘layabout.’ I’d be on the beach if I was in France. I head towards the stripes of rainbow colour. Then I find pirate treasure! To find my treasure you’ll need a gull and a boat. Take the last letter there.